Lisa and Belle


TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) MAGAZINE
Summer 2013 - Volume: 19 Issue: 2 

Volunteer Voices: Belle
TAPS gives special thanks to Lisa Dolan for training and helping Belle attend all our national seminars.

Honor’s First for Freedom is my full name, but most everyone calls me Belle. I’m a Golden Retriever, born on January 27, 2005, in Charlotte, North Carolina. I left my furry family when I was only nine weeks old and flew to Virginia to start my new life with my new family. My new mom Lisa Dolan met me at the airport in Norfolk, Virginia.  Navy Captain Bob Dolan, died in the terrorist attack on the Pentagon in 2001. After  Mr. Bob died, the Dolan family attended Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors.

(To read the article in full and hear Belle's touching life-long story, click on the link below...)

First for Freedom,
Lisa Dolan
In Loving Memory Of
Captain Robert E Dolan Jr
(September 11, 2001) 

Thanks to Lisa for sharing about her "Belle" (pictured above)

Click here to read the TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) Magazine Article in full

Tish and the Milledgeville V.A. Hospital


“You can't imagine the Joy we saw on the faces of our precious Veterans as a wagon filled with 9 fluffy Golden fur balls with wagging little tails rolled through the halls of the Veterans home. It was a joyous sight as we watched the Veterans hold those precious pups. It was a wonderful day full of wiggly puppies and lots of fun. We made our rounds over the two days covering each floor and spending time with our Veterans. The puppies stirred a lot of interest of Local Volunteers as well and we had a wonderful turn out to help us with the Puppies. There were volunteers carrying puppies all over and placing them in laps. WAS A BEAUTIFUL sight! I am still in the clouds.” 

~ Tish McKenzie, RN and Director of Veterans Hospitals ministry

Jeffrey and Jordan


“I am a 59 year old man that had a work accident back in 1980. My spinal column was pushed into the base of my brain. I was in a coma for 28 days where the doctors worked very hard to save my life more than once. For the most part I am in a wheelchair 90-95% of the time. For many years I battled depression and mood swings, feelings of worthlessness, as I lost the two jobs I had for over eighteen years. About three years ago, I applied for a trained therapy dog from Honor. “Jordan” and I now serve at Camp Courage where 1200 campers from the ages of seven to seventy, with all types of disabilities, come each summer. Most of the children that attend our oncology camp are terminal. It has brought incredible joy and strength to all of us to have “Jordan” as my service dog at the camp. “Jordan” has changed the lives of many children with cancer. We visit the local Veterans Hospital as well as numerous rest homes. “Jordan” has changed my life from one of deep depression to a life of joy and expectancy, knowing that the two of us have a mission.”

~ Jeffrey K., MN

The Sargent and Sophia


PTSD Military Support dog and her Sargent Scott K., CO



"Koda came from here & he is so smart, sweet & handsome!!!"  (Koda is a therapy dog placed with Liz after the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy.) 

~ Liz L., CT

Zeus, Cooper, Beau and Tucker

"From Zeus to Cooper to Beau and to Tucker, our 4 Honor Goldens have all been the Best Dogs in the world! Beautiful statures and great temperaments! We get stopped all the time with compliments on their beauty. They never meet a stranger both human and canine!  Beau was 7 when we became empty-nesters, and I decided to certify him to become a therapy dog. I trained him myself and he passed on his 1st certification exam! For the past 3 years, he has the privilege of loving on sick children at Texas Health Children's in Dallas! Our 1 year old puppy, Tucker, has passed his CGC and is well on his way to following in Beau's footsteps to become an awesome therapy dog as well! Our 4 incredible Honor Goldens have not only blessed our family in immeasurable ways, but they bless everyone who cross their path! Thank you Honor Service Dogs, Inc for the gift of these loving, amazing dogs. They make our world a better place!"

~ Toddy G., TX

"We have 3 Honor Golden Retrievers (10, 8 and 1)and I’m sure will have more. These dogs came to us as 7 week old puppies and have an incredible sense of family. They are boundlessly compassionate, intuitive and just so special. They have each had their hand in raising our three children and now, they are watching over us as we figure out the “empty nest” phase of our life. Two have become popular in the Therapy Dog circuit nearby and love “going to work”... an opportunity we’ve looked forward to for many years. They are naturals!!
Ann and Paige have been incredibly helpful and supportive for the almost 11 years we’ve known them (have never met in person but they feel like extended family). If I have a basic question regarding food or nutrition(and I ask lots of them), I get a quick response. When they send one of their puppies to you, they are not saying goodbye, but instead are welcoming a new family into their lives.
There are no words for amount of integrity, knowledge and love that goes into their breeding... history speaks for itself. When looking for a Golden, choose an Honor Golden Retriever."

~ Kimberly I., FL

Billy & Frankie


"Words can't describe how much we love and adore our two goldens. We chose Honor because of their reputation and their knowledge and it's the best decision we ever made. Billy & Frankie are almost 11 & 8 and they are as healthy and happy as they were when they first came to us. Billy is a certified therapy dog and works in the Chicago land area. We would be more than happy to speak with anyone interested in getting an Honor golden."

~ Julie F., IL





"We support Honor Service Dogs for the experience, professionalism, commitment to the breed and ability to produce terrific dogs with personalities and temperaments that make them ideal for service work or pets. Our Golden from Honor is so intelligent and intuitive it is amazing. His demeanor and beauty is the talk of town."

~ Richard V., NC


"ZIVA is lucky! But WE are luckier!  She is a north country girl with a city girl flair.  We have raised 7 Goldens over 25 years as family members.   All our dogs have been well bred and they all have had his and her own unique personalities.  But some how ZIVA is different.  An intelligence unlike any other.  She is bold yet cautious; stout-hearted and gentle; loving yet independent; clownish and elegant. We hope to have another Honor pup in our lives some day, God willing.  Thank you for this very special girl. And ZIVA says 'thanks, for hooking me up with such cool parents'."

With our warmest regards, Dea and Jim J. 



"Loving our new puppy from Honor and they have been great in helping guide us thru the first few months!"

~ Alex S. III, NC

"I have been blessed to meet the wonderful, dedicated team at Honor Service Dogs.  

Their commitment to these amazing golden retrievers is apparent in the care the dogs receive. Whether it's making sure that the dogs are eating an organic diet, receiving the very best veterinary services or being loved and treated like one of the family.
It's obvious to me that the team at Honor Service Dogs inspired by their faith, has dedicated their lives to providing love to all through their precious golden retrievers."

~ Lila C., NC



"Aspen is one year old now and is the best golden we have ever ever owned!  He is so gentle with our grandchildren...loves to snuggle with so aware of what we are asking of him and responds with such a desire to please us.  He is walking  off lead and always comes when called...and is the hit of our neighborhood.  We call him our ambassador because the kids come running out of their yards to hug him when we go on walks.   He is always patient and gentle....sometimes even lying down in the street to let them give him pats.  We are so in love with him and he with us.  His summers are filled with swimming in our many lakes.....running thru the leaves at our cabin smelling squirrels....and frolicking in snow in the winters.  I think he is very very happy ....if his kisses and smiles tell the story.   If you ever want a referral we wouldn't hesitate to give one."

~ Nancy F., MN




"I wanted to give you an update on Grizz. He is now about 3 1/2 months old.  I've been working with a trainer who, having watched him while we were on vacation, declared him the best Golden she's seen in 6 years!  I can't even tell you what a neat puppy he is and how quickly he is learning.   He sits quietly while people pet him.  I've taken to referring to him as Brad Pitt because he's so cute that anytime I go out with him I'm surrounded by people oohing and ahhing him and I feel like I'm walking around with a celebrity!  He is getting huge! All in all, he's just remarkable and we are all NUTS over him. Just thought you'd want to know.  I've had hundreds of people ask me where I got him from so I wouldn't be surprised if you got some calls from Colorado. Thanks again for this sweet, gentle soul who makes us laugh and smile every day." 

~ Eleanor H., CO


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