Best In Specialty Show

GRCA Show Dog Hall of Fame

GRCA Outstanding Sire

Sire of Multiple Certified Therapy & Service Dogs

Sire of 29 Show Champions plus multiple agility and obedience title holders


Int’l Champion: Dream Max Marco Albarello

Marco’s big, typical English head, sweet soft face, expression and super sweet, extremely laid back disposition are Marco’s calling card. He is happiest on a couch or a bed, loves getting belly rubs and moans when he carries his favorite stuffed pheasant. He has the kindest, most gentle disposition you can imagine. 

Imported from Sweden

Marco is Honor's third English golden from the DreamMax kennel in Sweden.  We are proud to have him as a part of our Honor family.

Frozen semen available

Marco is siring puppies that have his same traits and many of his pups have had major impact in the lives of those that are physically and emotionally challenged. 


Int'l Champion: Etched In Sand V.D. Beerse Hoeve

Reuben was imported at the age of 8 weeks old.  

He never had a bad day - was always happy, tail wagging and a smile on his face.

Imported from the Netherlands

Reuben finished his Championship easily achieving many Best of Breeds along the way with a deep, wide chest and powerhouse body.   With OFA "Excellent" hips, PennHip in the 90th percentile and DNA clear for PRA and Ichthyosis, Reuben is very strong genetically.

Frozen semen available in the USA and CANADA

He has produced many working assistance therapy dogs, seizure alert offspring and Guide Dogs for the Blind. He has been dominant in producing multiple titled offspring with many Champions, Best Op in Sweeps specialty winners, agility and performance contenders.


Christian Grey from Babelsbergi Land

Imported from Austria

Kolton is a handsome boy with a lovely broad head, good sized bone and a plush coat. He still has a lot of maturing to do, but he has a solid, happy outgoing temperament. He is very laid back and as sweet as can be. Kolton is a wonderful house pet and because he is also intelligent, he is everything Honor is  looking for with the therapy/service dog program. 

Available at stud mid-year 2018


Honor's Havin' A Lark

We describe Lark as 'an old soul.'  She's super sweet and just a wonderful girl with that perfect personality.  No wonder, she comes from Honor lines that date back to the early 1960's!

Lark is a light honey color which looks cream in the sun with a soft, straight coat.  She has an endearing expression with black pigment and beautiful eyes.

Lark is a blend of Honor's historical lineage with imported english goldens from Sweden.  Not yet fully mature with her adult coat, Lark loves to please, be near her family and has an exquisite, intuitive therapy dog temperament.


Bonett Bride Irish Coffee

Imported from Austria, Esper is a dream come true! She is the epitome of what a Golden temperament should be. She is as sweet as the day is long, she loves everyone she meets, loves dogs, cats and puppies, is very laid back but with really cute characteristics! She loves to grab any part of your clothing in her mouth to “carry it” for you.  The littlest stuffed toys are her favorites and she gives the best hugs.

Baby BIS and Middle East Junior Winner show record

Esper is a beautiful cream color with a  large, broad head, good sized bone and a full teddy bear coat.  Honor is excited to see what she produces in the next generation - if they are anything like her, the Honor family will be very, very happy!   


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